Why I’m wearing a led Zeppelin hoodie

One of my favorite bands, John PJ, John B , Rob and Jim. This band and this particular song means a lot to me, growing up and in adult hood. It makes me feel good the whole 8 minutes of it, It reminds me to stop and breathe and let the music flow in my bones. I have 2 led zep hoodies, I wear them quite frequently and have for years. I’ve won beer’s while wearing at quiz nights, and can always show up some old man with my music knowledge. Back in the 60’s/70s’s era when this music was first becoming popular, people who were into faith thought it was devil music and all Satan, with hidden messages it played backwards. Of course a song would sound unnerving and very unsettling if it were to be played backwards.

I do wear one of my hoodies in a video work i made where I was

Led Zeppelin fan Nayip Puente-N

Sigils of each band member, John Paul Jones is my fave.

It’s just a spring clean for the May Queen. – my favourite line as I am the may queen, I”m born in spring yet in the southern hemisphere so Nov which is Beltane season. Witchy things obvi. All to do with Astrology

Spring cleaning is an old domestic ritual cleaning meant to do away with the troubles of the past year and prepare for the coming year, and often includes disposing of old, useless things that have been lying around.

The May Queen was a maiden chosen by a village to represent the hopes and potential for the coming year. She was a symbol of beauty, spring and new beginnings.

The concept of a May Queen is rooted in early celebrations of fertility, planting, and flowers in the spring.
There is some degree of overlap between the idea of the May Queen and the celebration of the Blessed Virgin.
Jacob Grimm wrote about customs in Teutonic Europe that involved selecting a young village maiden to portray the May Queen.

It wasn’t just the British Isles where the May Queen ruled, however. Jacob Grimm, of Grimm’s Fairy Tales fame, also wrote an extensive collection of Teutonic mythology. In one of his works, he says that in the French province of Bresse, now called Ain, there is a custom in which a village girl is selected to play the role of the May Queen, or the May Bride. She is adorned with ribbons and flowers, and is escorted by a young man through the streets, while the blossoms of a May tree are spread out before them.

Although there are pop culture references to human sacrifice related to the May Queen, scholars have been unable to determine the authenticity of such claims. In films like The Wicker Man and Midsommar, there is a connection between lusty spring celebrations and sacrifice, but there doesn’t appear to be much academic support for the idea. – learnreligions.com/the-legend-of-the-may-queen-2561660

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